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July 19, 2009

No Easy Road

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This is from the first chapter of No Easy Road by Dick Eastman.

A Communist editor confessed, “The Gospel is a much more powerful weapon for the renovation of society than our Marxist view. Yet it is we who shall conqur you in the end. We Communists do not play with words. We are realists, and because we are determined to reach our end, we also know how to provide necessary means.

Speaking of sacrifice, he said, “Of our salaries and wages we keep only what is absoluetly necessary and the rest we give for propaganda purposes. To this same propaganda we also devote lesiure time and part of our vacation. You, however, give only a little time and scarcely any money for the spreading of Christ’s Gospel.

The angry editor then sneered, “How can anyone believe in the all-surpassing value of this Gospel if you do not practice it, if you do not spread it, if you sacrifice neither your time nor your money for that purpose? Believe me, it is we who shall conquer, because we believe in our Communist gospel and are willing to sacrifice everything, even life itself. But you, are afraid of soiling your hands.

Let us not take the gospel for granted and live out its calling.


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