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May 25, 2009

Global Village

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Saturday was the start of our Church’s annual World Impact Week. Mark was talking about the global village. Here’s what he had to say.

Have you taken time recently to think about how things are going in our global village?

If we could shrink the earth’s population to a village of exactly 100 people it would look like this:

  • 1 of the villagers would have a college/university education 
  • 1 of the villagers would own a computer
  • 70 villagers would be unable to read
  • 20 of the villagers would earn more than 12,000 AUD a year
  • 80 villagers would live in sub-standard housing
  • 9 of the villagers would possess 50 percent of the wealth
  • 50 of the villagers would suffer from malnutrition
  • 60 villagers would live where torture and ill-treatment by the authorities is common
  • Only 30 of the villagers would be Christian
  • 28 of the villagers would not have a Christian friend
  • [Source: Modified from Go Fourth Quarter 2000, Published by Interserve Australia]

    Mark closed the sermon in a prayer.

    The prayer was to take time to get a reality check of how our world (our global village) is going. It’s an overwhelming challenge reaching the unreached people, poor people, oppressed people. We so often live immune to this reality.

    Let us wake up the sleeping giant called the Church. Let us wake up from our lethargy, our self-centeredness, our buying in to the consumeristic spirit of our age that says we need more. We need to be counter cultural.

    We need to stop looking for a quick fix like the first disciples but recognise Jesus will come back but we have a mission to fulfill. We are commissioned to be God’s ammbassadors. We need to demonstrate Jesus’ values, love, justice and mercy, right where we live and around the world.

    We need the courage to proclaim the message of the kingdom. Even in the midst of difficulties and oppositions, and seemily insummountable challenges, we need to trust in the power of your kingdom. We need to continue to advance like an unstoppable force around the world.

    Our hearts need to be touched and we need to pray more than we do now. We need to consider going (short term mission trips) and giving to the work of the kingdom.



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